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Living with Passion & Purpose


Becoming Magic

Practicing Personal
Transformation & Evolution

Join us online, Mondays at 7a.m. - 8a.m.Central Time. With a focus on the practices from the book Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davis, we work together on developing personal habits and practices for living from our hearts.  Every session is a check-in call for developing and following our intuition to create the life we love.  Working with a group or personal coach makes it easier to follow through, adds accountability and is just plain FUN!


There is no cost to join this group.

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Coffee, Tea & a Good Book

Online - Wednesday mornings, 9am -10:30am CT
In person - coming soon, we hope!

Every month we'll select a book to read.  During our time together we'll discuss what we loved, what we learned and what has transpired in our lives since the last time we met.

There is no cost to join this group.

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2022 Titles

January  - Dare to Lead, author Brene Brown  

February - To Be Determined

Reading with Coffee

Developing the Art of Following your Heart

Future session dates to be determined

We've all heard how important it is to follow our hearts - but it feels easier said than done!  

Maybe we meditate and visualize and set goals, maybe we just get frustrated that nothing is working out the way we envisioned. Maybe we don't even know where to start!  


This 6-week online introduction to deliberately creating a life you love will give you the foundation and support you want to keep your vision in sight and follow through on the inspirations and intuitive guidance that are available to us all. 


Through weekly live online sessions, optional group practice and Q&A sessions,  individual practice assignments, and a private dedicated Facebook group, you will:

  • Recognize and strengthen you own inner guidance

  • Rediscover the dreams you’ve been afraid to try

  • Develop tools and support systems for following through on those dreams

  • Explore how to follow your own heart rather than compromise

  • Learn to support others to create their dreams

  • Change your beliefs about what is or isn’t possible for you

Customize Your Workshop!

I'd love to help you create a workshop or retreat, class or program.  Some of my favorite topics include

  • Leadership development

  • Personal growth and evolution

  • Finding your passion and purpose

  • Improving communication skills

  • Leading with your heart

Or maybe you have a topic of your own!

I can assist with planning any type of event. I'm experienced with the details. Give me a call or send me an email and let's talk about how we can work together to meet your needs.