Abundantly Blessed

As I look at this gorgeous clematis off my back deck, I can’t help but realize that I am abundantly blessed. When I watched my daughter graduate with her MS in Nursing, I couldn't help but realize I am abundantly blessed. As I watch my granddaughter play, as I watch my son share his garden, as I watch my husband smoking brisket and my kids and their spouses sitting around and laughing together, there is no other narrative than that I am abundantly blessed!

Some days, it’s not so easy to see how abundantly blessed we are. Instead, we seem to just keep discovering problems and issues, conflicts and frustrations. But what has become absolutely clear to me is that where I put my focus determines what I see. The day I took this picture, the plant seemed to just explode with blossoms opening one after the other. Every time I looked out the window, it seemed that more had appeared. (Boy, do I wish I had a time-lapse video of that!) And as I soaked in the multitude and beauty of the blooms, the abundance of blessings in other areas of my life were intensely apparent as well. When I start my day seeing problems ahead, they just continue to erupt. But when I start my day with recognizing my blessings, more blessings continue to unfold!

I’m not the only person to observe this phenomenon. There are many authors, speakers, religious leaders and philosophers who recognize that where you put your focus is what you will see continue to come into your awareness. It really is that easy! The difficult part seems to be remembering where to focus. And when we realize we’re not seeing what we want to see, shifting that focus can be even more challenging. So for me, it helps to start my day looking for a blessing or recognizing something for which I am grateful.

Most of my days begin with working on a quilt, reading something enjoyable and eventually taking the dog out for a walk. I find that’s a great time to look for something in nature to appreciate and admire. It’s the perfect strategy to remind myself that I am abundantly blessed.

Today’s practice:

Count the ways in which you are abundantly blessed. It really is that easy.

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