They catch our attention and pull us away from living our true nature and purpose. They’re kind of like staring at the whirligig in my yard. A friend I used to work with called them birds flying in and out of the room. Another friend refers to them as squirrels. And thankfully, my coach, mentor and friend, Kelly, reminded me that I have been allowing them to pull me away from what it is I want to pursue.

For me, the distractions are housework, hobbies, gardening and yes, even my full time job. Today it was making homemade dog food for my picky (and totally adorable) pom. It’s not that these things aren’t important. But it’s where I place them on my list of priorities in daily living and where my heart’s desires end up on that list as well. Often, the heart’s desire is on the bottom.

Each of us have dreams we want to pursue. And we do a great job of envisioning that dream, sometimes even creating an outline and list of goals and steps to get there. And then the fears and hesitations step in to distract us from continuing on the path. What will people think? How am I going to get there? Where will I get enough money to do that? Distractions. We have learned to allow these distractions into our lives because they tend to keep us in safe spaces. Comfortable jobs that pay the bills, an organized house, a yard that meets the neighborhood expectations. All these activities are important, but they often distract us from continuing toward our dreams because we place them so much higher on our list of priorities.

Lorraine, another coach and mentor of mine says she takes even the smallest decisions and asks herself, “how does that contribute to living my true passion?” and lets the answer determines her next action. We get to CHOOSE what our priorities are every moment of every day. I decided to ask myself, “what is one thing I can do today toward living my passion and purpose?” Today it was writing about distractions. I’m excited to see where this practice will take me.

Today’s practice:

What is one thing you can do today toward living your true passion? Do it.

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