Do you not realize?

“Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you?” This was Paul’s statement to the church at Corinth on his third visit. (2 Corinthians 13). As a child, I remember repeatedly hearing similar statements, like, “How many times must I tell you?” Or ask you. Or remind you. And oh, how often I have said it to my own kids!

When my daughter was in nursing school, she would call me just before a big test, nervous and anxious about the possibility of not getting a passing grade. I would say to her, “You realize that God is in you, right?” Yes, she’d reply. “And God knows everything, right?” Yes. “Then you have everything you need to know right inside.” It is unfortunate that we often forget we have the Source of all right at our fingertips.

I find it interesting that I am often listening to a voice other than my Source; one that tells me that I don’t know enough or I’m not good enough or not perfect enough. And yet, how often do I have some thought pop into my head that I dismiss as just nonsense? Or perhaps I let a thought slide by and not even realize it could be my Source, my higher self, speaking to me. Instead, I focus on what is going to go wrong or what I don’t know. When I finally remember that my Source is within, I scold myself for forgetting! How different would I be if I embraced that mental jog and thought, “OH YES! I can’t wait to hear what my Source has to tell me!”

The passage quoted above, was not the passage listed as today’s “Verse of the Day” 2 Corinthians 13:14. By chance, when I read the verse of the day, I felt the urge to click on the link to read the entire chapter. Upon deeper reflection, it was no chance or coincidence! I am certain that urge was my Source saying, “I have a message for you! Read on!”

Today’s practice:

Keep a notepad handy today and jot down those thoughts and ideas that seem to come to you “out of the blue”. Take some time to sit with them for a while to see how they resonate and what additional message there is for you. And then thank your Source for sharing.

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