Enjoy Practicing!

I recently captured this beauty in my neighbor’s flower garden. My dog and I walk by there multiple times a day. She chases the cats and I admire the flowers. Flower gardens are one of my happy places. I love this part of her flower garden. These, in particular, caught my attention because I love the color and they are so prolific. The day I took this photo, there were several butterflies as well. I stood there snapping photo after photo, waiting to get just the right image and timing with her wings outstretched.

I take thousands of photos just to get the “perfect” shot. What is it about having to be perfect? Well… It does cause me to keep practicing and practicing! I have realized that much of what makes my heart sing is about process of the next inspiration. I love being out in nature looking for another perfect image to capture and compose.

It’s interesting that I can take thousands of imperfect photos, and not feel like I’m a bad person. Yet at some point in my youth, I started believing that I am not good enough. I sometimes interpret not getting the exact results I want as “failure” instead of practice. I think I’ll change my vocabulary. Next time I don’t get the result I want, I’ll just call it practice. Every job, every hobby, every activity, every moment in our lives could be considered another rehearsal if we just chose to look at it that way. All those trial runs give us opportunities to learn and grow in one more area of our lives.

Today’s practice:

Enjoy practicing!

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