Follow the UMPH!

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine in which we were discussing the challenges of losing sight of what we want, of what empowers and energizes us and ultimately a great deal of uncertainty about our passion. Sometimes, when we think about what we want or want to accomplish in our lives, we immediately think of all the reasons why we can’t have it, why it’s a stupid idea or what others will think. Sometimes when we think about what it is we want, we barely get to the vision before the thought, “but how can I get it?” surfaces and we get stuck in the same rut of wanting but never move forward. Too often, we don’t create what we want because we can’t see the full path and the end result seems unclear and hazy. So maybe it’s time to just follow the UMPH.

What exactly is the UMPH? Not long ago as I was feeding my granddaughter, she had her arms outstretched, and her feet were kicking with excitement and anticipation as she waited for the next spoonful. For her, I think that was an UMPH! A moment so full of excitement and anticipation that her feet wouldn’t stop moving. For me, I love conversations with people that feel empowering and energizing. They happen when I’m in groups sharing deep heart-to-heart stories and experiences. They happen in one-on-one conversations with friends and sometimes even with people I have just met. They are conversations about passion and worthiness and joy. They are also those moments of sharing heartaches and sadness, feelings of incompleteness and incompetence. They are conversations with people who allow space for me to grow and to expand without judging me. They are conversations with people who celebrate my successes and just let me be me! For me, the UMPH is a moment or action (often they are very small things) that make me feel like I want to dance or fly; it is that FEELING that makes my heart sing.

When I seem to lose sight of my goal, or my end result, or my passion and purpose, I have to go back to the moments of UMPH. What was I doing the last time I felt the UMPH? And take time to do more of that! As I do more of that, as I “follow the UMPH”, I notice myself realigning with the Divine within me and my passion and purpose and the next step becomes more clear. Just follow the UMPH!

Today’s Practice:

Set aside time to step back and review what it was that made you want to sing and dance and fly. Notice the UMPH! Do more of that! The next step will become clear.

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