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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

My husband and I spend a lot of time every fall preparing our Halloween yard show. We decorate for the equivalent of 2 - 3 days. Six monsters, seven Jack-o-lanterns, eight rope-light displays, two projection displays, 14 tombstones, 50-some stakes and over 75 extension cords later, we are pretty much ready for visitors. All of this is set to music you can listen to on your fm radio when dialed to our station.

A few days ago as I was out walking the dog, the school bus was approaching on its second route for the morning. I was somewhat startled as the driver stopped beside me and opened the door. “There are no kids at this stop during this route!” I thought. Even more startling was the fact that I was not in front of my house and she still knew to which house I belonged. It’s been over 11 years since MY kids boarded the bus and she was not the driver back then. I picked up the dog, who was now frantically barking, and looked up at the driver through her open door. “Would it be possible,” she said, “to have your show going in the morning for my early route? I bring my grandkids by every year, but I know there are some on the bus who wouldn’t get that opportunity.”

I am still in awe at the appreciation I feel for that one simple request from the bus driver. It took just a few minutes to reprogram the show to come on in the mornings as well as the evenings. But what an impact! I am humbled by the driver’s awareness of how the small things can make a huge difference. Her awareness of the neighborhood and the people in it is something to aspire to. I wonder how many other “little” things the driver does for those kids, which in turn impact their friends and families, not to mention the influence on the outliers, such as me, who are overflowing with gratitude and joy for her acts of kindness and willingness to serve.

Building our awareness of our families, neighborhoods, and communities requires us to tune in to the NOW. It requires being present in each and every moment of our day. As we cultivate mindfulness of what is going on around us, we begin to see how our actions affect our environment. We become aware of opportunities in which small acts will serve the highest good for all. And when we are serving others, we are serving ourselves, and ultimately serving God. Imagine the impact we can have on the world!

Today’s practice:

Be present today with your environment and with those around you. What one little thing can you do to serve others? Do it!

Post Script:

People often ask us why we continue to go to so much work when our kids are all out on their own. Now they know!

You can find a sampling of our light show here.

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