Living From Your Heart

This year, 2021, I have set the intention to live from my heart. And for the past several weeks, I have been focusing on what exactly does it mean to live from my heart? What does it mean to live with passion and live on purpose? I’ve been meditating, reading inspirational materials, trying to figure it all out and come up with THE RIGHT ANSWER. This morning as I took my morning walk,

I was reminded that I’ve been trying too hard and making it all too complicated.

These past couple of days I spent some time making one of these cute gnomes to give to a friend. For me, the process of creating it included a great deal of consideration of the recipient and her personality, and choosing fabrics, colors and embellishments that represent her. In other words, I align my heart with hers, and the creation easily unfolds into the perfect gift.

THAT is what it means to live from my heart. I tend to focus on figuring things out and struggle with letting go of the need to know. When I take my focus off of me, long enough to allow my heart and intuition to speak, the answer is there. As I step into my sovereign circle, that place in my mind that is my highest and greatest self, I can quiet my thoughts and just listen for guidance. The key is quieting my mind. By focusing on aligning my heart with another’s heart, my thoughts are stilled and the inspiration is amazing!

We are living in a time when it’s easy to feel stressed and full of fear from the daily challenges of work and families, now complicated by world-wide health issues and news that tends to focus on all the bad things going on in the world. Take a few moments out of your day to focus on your heart.

Today’s practice.

Silence your phone, your TVs, your computer and all the other distractions in your day. Just be with yourself for a few moments. Allow your awareness to focus on one person in your life. Step into your highest and best self and align your heart with that person. Visualize, imagine and listen for the one thing you can do for that person today. Do that.

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