Look for the Beautiful!

I sat with my mother this morning as she is aging and the family is uncomfortable leaving her alone anymore. She is trying to understand what is going on. She knows there is someone here at her house at all times; she feels something is "not right” with her but can’t figure out just what it is. She even asked the questions, “Why am I experiencing this? Is it real? What am I supposed to learn?”

Those are tough questions as I know that any answer I give her may not stick with her more than a few moments. And it doesn’t really matter the answer for her; it is only the answer for me that matters. Why am I experiencing this event? And what am I learning from it?

And so I turned back to her and asked, “what are you learning from it?” “I don’t know,” she said, “God hasn’t told me yet.” So I repeated my question. “What are you learning?” Again she responded with “I don’t know.” So I pointed outside. “What do you see? What blessings do you see?” I asked. Her response was that she thinks this is the most beautiful place they have ever lived. (She really has a most lovely view right outside her kitchen windows - as you can see from the photo)

I wonder how often I wait for someone to tell me what I’m learning instead of looking for the answers in what is right in front of me? I could just keep asking the question and waiting for the answer to appear. But I would likely wait a very long time. I must find the answer within. I can look for the blessings in what is happening each moment. As we continued to visit, I noticed how easily she fell into the negative things going on. “All I hear is how awful things are in the world! These young kids nowadays are just... !” I kept reminding her to look for the positive, look for the blessings, look for the goodness.

She may not recall any of our conversation today - and she might. It really doesn’t matter what she sees or thinks because I realize this lesson is for me. If I am looking for bad things going on, that’s what I’m going to find. And if I am looking for the good things that are happening in spite of the situation, then it will be good things that manifest.

“Look for the beautiful, look for the true. Sunshine and shadow are all around you.” The words to a familiar hymn, written by F. E. Belden, ring in my ears. I have sung this hymn since I first learned to read words and sing music. How long ago that this lesson was embedded in my soul and how often I am still reminded of its truth!

Today’s Practice:

Look for the beautiful! Right now. Look for the beauty in whatever you are doing right this very moment. And say it out loud! This ______ is BEAUTIFUL! You fill in the blank!

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