Looking for Blessings

Years ago, more than 20 I would guess, a friend of mine found this mixer for me at an auction. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom and $60 seemed like a lot of money, even though I used it to earn a bit of income for a while. It has served me so well and has paid for itself many times over! I can’t even begin to guess how many cakes, cookies, and batches of buttercream frosting have been created in this machine.

As I stirred the batter for my granddaughter’s birthday cake, I was reminded of the blessings in this one simple kitchen gadget. I have memories of family gatherings, church dinners and celebrations with friends. And when I stop to think of the ripple effect, all the people who attended those gatherings and shared the goodies, the blessings multiple exponentially! In my mind, I can hear the laughter, see the smiles, and feel the connection of togetherness. Oh, what joy and gratitude I floods through my body!

There is so much for which we can be grateful. During a recent conversation with a colleague, we were discussing a project that was a disaster before it even started. We discussed the pitfalls and challenges that caused frustration and anxiety for quite a few weeks. And yet, we were also able to see the blessings in the lessons learned and interactions we had along the way with other colleagues. We identified areas of growth and strength that weren't there before this event. If we just stop for a moment and look around us, we can find a blessing in every item in our house, every event or experience we’ve had, and every person we’ve encountered. And when we begin to focus on those blessings, they tend to multiply and to nourish us in ways we never imagined!

Today’s practice:

Look for the blessings in your life and write them down. But don’t just think about them or let them sit there on your notepad list. Shout them to the world! Post your new awareness on Facebook or Instagram, send an email or a card to someone you appreciate, or best of all, tell a person face to face! Imagine the impact we will have on the world when we share our blessings and then challenge others to do the same! And comment here to let me know how your perspective and your life is changing because of this new daily habit!

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