My Plate is Full!

My last writing was a few months ago - ABUNDANTLY BLESSED.

You can see from this photo, just how abundant my peach trees have been. Make that peach TREE - we lost one during the summer. I'm not sure what I would do with all the peaches from two trees.

Although I have begun writing daily, it has not been part of my habit to post everything I write. And recently, my plate (and my countertop) has been very full. So these past months, my focus has been on keeping up with garden and yard and family. My plate is full!

It's easy to grumble and complain when there is work around the house, yard and garden, when family members need extra care, and on top of that, a 40+hour a week job. The plate is full!! And time for myself seems to be rare. Or rather, the choices I have made these past few months have been to spend time on others more than me. So today, I decided to imagine I have one of those plates with the dividers and to make sure that one of the sections on the plate is ME-TIME.

After all, what good am I to others if I don't take care of myself?

Today's practice:

Identify all the things on your plate. Decide what should stay and what no longer serves you. As you toss off the items you no longer need, thank them for their prior usefulness and ask them to not return.

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