Perfect Reflections

A neighbor brought these two lovelies to the lake in our neighborhood awhile back. I have had such fun trying to capture the “perfect” image. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but this one definitely caught my eye. I love the reflection in the water and that the couple is almost perfectly in sync one, with another.

I have heard it said many times that the encounters we have with others in our lives, are reflections of ourselves, not unlike these beautiful creatures. In fact, some have been so bold as to say they are our mirrors. I sat with that thought for awhile today. At first, I found it a bit troubling. Today was not the best day I’ve had at work. As new information unfolded, I found my reaction to it to be not very flattering to my image. Sometimes, my reflection isn’t very pretty.

As I continued to ponder this idea about others being my mirror, I found my thoughts shifting to a not-so-harsh judgment of myself. Sometimes we look in a mirror to figure out what we like. And other times we look at that reflection and determine what we’d like to change. As I consider my earlier actions, I can see that the very encounter, which I found disheartening, was the “perfect” lesson for something I want to change in my life. I want to immediately react with less judgment. I want my actions to reveal someone who is kindhearted, loving and open to new experiences. Thank you, Universe, for bringing this encounter into my vision for a clearer picture of who I can become!

Today’s practice:

Be attentive to the encounters in your day. What are the others around you reflecting back to you? What are the characteristics you wish to change and what do you wish to reinforce and grow? And then thank the Universe for bringing those encounters to your awareness.

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