I have been accused of burying my head in the sand, of being a Pollyanna so to speak. As I reflect on the events of this past year, and especially these past weeks, I WANT to bury my head in the sand. I don’t want to watch the violence or the pain being caused. I WANT to think of people as good and kind and compassionate and honest! I WANT to believe that inside each one, is only good and that we have each other’s best interest at heart.

Consider that we are all connected to each other. We all breathe the same air, walk on the same earth, share the same knowledge base that brings technology, medical and engineering marvels. We are a global community. And we are all humans made of energy in motion. Think about the effect a pebble has when it is thrown in a pond. The ripples continue outward until they reach the farthest point. We are like that body of water. When we throw words and actions into that body of water, they create ripples. The difference between humanity and a pond is that we cannot always see the farthest point. We don’t always know how far our words and actions will reach. So it would also stand to reason that when one person is hurting, it is affecting all of us. We are all part of the same source energy.

I DO believe that all people are inherently good. Some of us are more aware of that goodness than others. Some of us are hiding beneath anger or depression, worry or guilt or fear. When I point a finger at someone in judgment, I am often hiding behind a trait I think others won’t see if I turn their head in another direction. When I tell someone they are wrong, how does it make them feel? How does it make ME feel? When my thoughts are unkind and harsh, do my thoughts hurt or heal? Am I creating ripples of love or hate with my thoughts, my words and my actions?

Today’s Practice:

Pay attention to your thoughts. Are they judgmental and condemning? Or are they kind and uplifting? Remind yourself that you get to choose to create ripples of hate or love. Which will you choose today?

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