Thank God it's Monday!

In my neighborhood, Monday is trash day! I look forward to taking out the trash! Taking out the trash often means I have done some cleaning and gotten rid of an oversupply of smelly garbage and unnecessary clutter. And since the truck only passes by once a week, I can certainly fill a container or two. I definitely don't want to miss Monday trash days! Taking out the trash means I might have room to collect more stuff!

Thank God it's Monday! As we get ready to close out 2020 (and who isn’t ready for this year to be behind us?!) and we welcome in 2021, we hear the familiar cliché, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” Setting new year’s resolutions is a common theme on every news channel and morning show during the days after the Christmas holiday. What always amazes me is how many years I have done just that and then not many weeks, or sometimes days, into the new year, all those resolutions have gone out the window and I’m back to the same old me! I haven’t lost weight or eaten healthier. Or maybe I’ve slipped back into my routine of getting very little exercise or neglecting my morning meditation and spiritual readings. It’s been my mode of operation for many years now and I’m guessing I am not alone.

Thank God it's Monday! I’m determined that this year is going to be different, so I’m not setting any New Year Resolutions! I’m tired of dreading Monday mornings and feeling like “going to work” is an unavoidable evil!! Instead of a once-a-year analysis of my life and habits, I intend for my wholeness and well-being to improve by changing my daily and weekly practices.

So, I’m starting the “Thank God it’s Monday!” inspiration and empowerment group and I’m inviting others to join me. Every Monday morning, we’ll focus on a new practice for living from our hearts and finding our passion and purpose in life. I need, AND WANT, the help of others who also want to change their Mondays into a welcomed and anticipated part of the week. I'm looking forward to transforming into a new ME!

Thank God it’s Monday! And it begins next week, January 4, 2021! If you wish to join me, sign up for TGI Monday! The month of January is free. This is an online group that meets each Monday, 7am Central to about 7:45. We will focus on discussions and activities that encourage and inspire individuals to make moment-by-moment choices, empowering each one to live life in such a way that is fun, purposeful and fulling. I

After your first free month, you'll decide if you want to continue and join the subscription at $40/month (gotta pay for my hosting services) or discontinue your participation. I hope you’re as excited about Mondays as I am!

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