What's in this for me?

The question sounds very selfish, doesn’t it? Asking myself, “what’s in this for me?” During my morning walk, I was listening to a Jeanette Mau podcast. She had a follower ask a question about how she can promote a quicker healing after an illness. Jeanette shared her personal experience of a similar situation. Her answer to promoting a quicker healing was to ask herself, “what’s in this for me?” What blessing or gift does this illness have to offer? Shifting her focus to looking for the gift that the trouble has brought changed her perspective and allowed a door to open for healing to occur.

We often forget to look for blessings in our troubles. Instead, we focus on the trouble. And when we’re continually looking at what is wrong, the problem seldom goes away. Since the early part of February, I have spent a good number of days caring for my mother. She’s had several falls, the last of which resulted in a broken femur. This created the need for someone to provide physical care for her while she was healing. Full-time caregiver is not a job I intended to have on my resume, but circumstances required that I be the one to provide it for days and days in a row. And I’ll be honest, it is not something I enjoy and there were days I found myself frustrated and grumpy. I know that she was also very frustrated and grumpy as she has always been very independent and now found her physical freedom restricted a great deal.

Knowing that we needed to find ways to change her focus from the “woe is me” to thoughts of healing, we began looking for activities to point her thoughts in a new direction. We encouraged her to begin painting again. She loves using watercolors, but she hasn’t painted in years due to essential tremor in her hands. However, she has picked up the paintbrush again and the ultimate result of her renewed passion has also been a refocus for me! As I traveled the half-hour drive each way, I had plenty of time to think. It occurred to me that if I was going to continue providing care, I needed to be in a better head space for me as well as for her. My frustration about the situation was not going to help her heal and it certainly wasn’t helping me! One day, I decided to take my own paints along.

It is amazing what a gift it was to spend some time painting alongside my mother. When I was focused on what I was creating, I didn’t have time to complain about the situation. I was able to let go and be the support she needed. I was able to find peace in the situation. As I reflect on the blessings in the “troubles” I see many other gifts. I took more time to read. I explored recipes I hadn’t tried before. I recognize areas in my own life and home that I want to change and make better. I have become much more aware of where I am focused and when I need to change my focus!

Thankfully, my mom is no longer requiring someone with her round-the-clock, although we still regularly check on her. I remind myself each time I head in her direction that there is a blessing and a gift to be had in the task. I want to be ready for it! In case you're wondering, I am currently enjoying acrylic paints instead of watercolor. The paintings were gifted to my sister as they were created from photos I took of her favorite place to watch the sun rise! I love how blessings multiply!

Today’s practice:

Ask yourself what trouble or challenge are you in the middle of at this very moment? Be selfish enough to find out what’s in it for you! Identify what you are learning, how you are growing, what blessing you are receiving. Give thanks for those gifts!

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