Helping your Heart Sing!

Why Heartsing Events, you ask?  Life is too short to wait for something better! Before launching my business, I was struggling to find fulfillment in my job. Though I had been toying with the idea, it was in the middle of an online course about fulfilling my heart's desire that the instructor encouraged us to dream. And dream. And dream! And when we felt that UMPH, when we were filled with such joy, our hearts would SING! 

And so it began

Heartsing Unlimited LLC

Boni Lee
Creative Consultant & Owner

My Story

For me, it began when I was in middle school, around 12 or 13 years old. One of the ladies from church took a group of us to her house one Sunday afternoon and gave us a lesson in cake decorating. She taught us how to make a shell and star border and how to make a flower. I don’t recall how my first cake turned out that day. But I was hooked!

As a stay-at-home mom while my kids were young, cake decorating gave me a way to feel like I was contributing to the family income.

Over the years, I have created more cakes than I can count and collected many other talents and skills that have led me to this point: an accomplished seamstress (I have altered hundreds of show choir costumes), a variety of crafts and hobbies (furniture-flipping and quilting are my current favorites), minor carpentry skills (remodeled a kitchen and three bathrooms) and directing church camps for elementary kids, just to name a few. Professionally trained with a Master’s degree in Counseling & Guidance, I was director of the Counseling & Advising Center at State Fair Community College for twelve years. Following that, I spent three years as a consultant and another six years as a Project Manager for a software company.


So why this long resume? Each of these endeavors has led me to this moment. For me, it’s about the journey as well as the event itself! I love looking at the goal ahead and then figuring out what it’ll take to get there. As the planning evolves into the doing, the creative vision becomes reality! And I love looking back and saying,

“Wheeeee! What a ride! Can we do it again?”

It is my intent to help you create an event that leaves all who attend with an awesome memory in their hearts - and an event that will make your HEART SING!!

Boni Lee, Owner

Heartsing Unlimited, LLC

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