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Helping your Heart Sing!

Why Heartsing Unlimited, you ask?  Life is too short to wait for something better! Before launching my business, I was struggling to find fulfillment in my job. Though I had been toying with the idea, it was in the middle of an online course about fulfilling my heart's desire that the instructor encouraged us to dream. And dream. And dream! And when we felt that UMPH, when we were filled with such joy, our hearts would SING! 

And so it began

Heartsing Unlimited LLC

Boni Lee
Creative Consultant & Owner

Living from your Heart

If you landed here, it was not by accident.  You are seeking  more of those moments that make your heart sing.    It can be challenging to break away from what you have always known and try something new.  Yet, within each of us lies the potential for limitless growth and possibilities. It is my intention to work with you to help you find the magic within!