Living With Passion & Purpose

Welcome to Heartsing Unlimited! I’m a Creative Life Coach. I do my best work when I’m in the creative mode, which often means working on a quilt or craft of some kind. That’s when my mind slows down enough to allow my heart and spirit to align. And that’s the kind of consulting & coaching I provide – creative activities and practices that help my clients’ hearts and spirits align, so they can do THEIR best work!

Work shouldn’t feel like work! That’s not the first time you’ve heard this, I’m sure. I believe that within each of us is the power and passion to do something we love. It is my intention to wake up every day with anticipation and enthusiasm for what is ahead! And journeying with others to do that same thing is just what makes my heart sing!

Over the years, my path has led me through my master’s degree in Counseling, a full time job as a mother of three, 12 years as director of advising & counseling in a community college and another 8 years as a project manager. I have worked with hundreds of students and clients from around the US, Canada and the UK. For fun, I enjoy many crafts and hobbies and absolutely LOVE being a Grammy to six (so far) grandchildren.

I STILL feel like I’m just getting started in life! Will you come along and journey with me?

Boni Lee, MA
Personal Life Coach & Trainer