Here you'll find my reflections of ah-ha! moments, joyful experiences and things I just feel like sharing. I hope you enjoy!

The Prosperity Game


I forgot my phone one morning as I left the house to take the dog out. And she, of course, was ready for a nice long walk before doing her “business”. What to do???  I normally listen to a podcast or video during my walk, sometimes a book.  But on this morning, I was without. She’s a small dog, but also very demanding.  Having just finished the book, The Science of Getting Rich, I thought that perhaps it was a great time to practice one of the principles in the book:  Practice feeling rich.  It’s usually a 30-minute walk with the pup in tow.  I would have a good amount of time to practice. 


So really though, how does one practice feeling rich? Do I imagine dollar bills flowing from my pockets, carrying a bulging wallet, or winning the lottery?  I suppose could imagine that! But on this particular morning I wanted to feel abundant in more than just money!  I wanted to recognize and FEEL that I was already overflowing with blessings and prosperity.


So, as I walked along, I realized that everywhere I looked, there was abundance.  A neighbor’s begonias around her mailbox were literally OVERFLOWING with blooms. Colorful autumn leaves were already covering several yards. The sycamore trees towered over everything else, standing more than 60 feet high. I adored watching the swans as they glided across the lake. A neighbor’s brand-new luxury SUV sparkled in the sunshine.  I gave thanks we all had water to keep our lawns green and that I live in a neighborhood where prosperity is apparent.   


I cherish the flowers in my own yard. The roses that bloom all summer long keep producing buds late into the fall. The purple iris that I brought from my grandmother’s house more than twenty-five years ago are still flourishing and increasing in numbers every year. And one of my favorites is the rust-colored Asian Lily that my son brought home from work one day, just because he thought I’d like it. And I do!


Abundance abounds. When I see the prosperity around me, I also FEEL the Spirit and energy within me that wants me to thrive in all ways. What a good choice it was to play the prosperity game.  I have noticed that the more I play this "game" the more abundance shows up in my life, the more I flourish!

Heartsing Moments

When you select the menu item above, titled About, you'll see the background of how Heartsing Unlimited came to be. Today, it occurred to me that it's not just about a special event or activity. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE working with people to create the most delicious lifetime memories in whatever event they choose to host. But it's also about savoring the moments that make your heart sing. And I want those moments to happen EVERY moment of every day!

This is a new excursion for me; one filled with a bit of fear and apprehension as it's a stretch for me to put myself out there for all the world to see.  But I also find myself bursting with excitement, passion, and anticipation about what I will experience along the way.   As we travel this uncharted path together, what you will witness are my observations, reflections and realizations about life as I seek to find new meaning and possibilities.

I am blessed and thrilled that you have chosen to share in this journey with me. It is my desire and intention that you will also discover an unfolding of your own heartsing moments, each moment of each day.  Hang on and enjoy the ride!

Boni Lee, posted August 2020

Boni Lee, MA
Personal Life Coach & Trainer